Is Photoeval free?

Yes, by rating other people's photos, you earn comments on yours. To get votes faster or to unlock premium features there is also a paid version.

Who sees my photos?

When a test is active anyone specified in your preferences can see your photo and give you a rating (for example according to gender, age or even country). When you delete the photo, no one can see the photo. The photo is only visible in the website and will never appear in the google search results.

Is my data sold for marketing purposes?

No. We have 0 advertising on our site.

Are my pictures rated by real people?

Absolutely, yes. Every vote you receive is given by a real person.

What is the visibility score?

This score gives an indication of the visibility of your photos in the queue. The closer it is to 100% the more likely you are to receive votes quickly. This score increases by rating the pictures of other users.

Why are the photos of people who gave me feedback blurred?

To view the photos of users who have left you a feedback, you need a premium account.

What is the "Top Photos" page?

This page shows the best profile pictures for men and women.

What does the "Ranking" indicator refer to?

It is the position of your photo in the general ranking. For example, a ranking of 1% means that your photo is in the top 1% of best photos.

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