How attractive am I?

Am I attractive? How good-looking or pretty am I on the attractiveness scale? PhotoEval is an app that will help you test your attractiveness by real users. Upload a profile photo and receive a rating on a scale of 1 to 10.

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How to run an attractiveness test?

  1. Start by uploading your profile photo
  2. Rate the attractiveness of other users
  3. You will receive a rating on a scale of 1 to 10
  4. Test multiple photos for more accurate results
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Main features

Why use PhotoEval?

Real feedback

Unlike other sites that use AI to assess facial beauty, the attractiveness scale you will receive is actually given by real people. In addition to a quantitative score you will receive a qualitative feedback (i.e. comments left by users). When running an attractiveness test, you will be able to specify the age, gender and country of the users who can rate your photos for an even more customized experience.


We respect your privacy. The use of this website is totally anonymous. We do not use adds and do not sell any data for marketing purposes. No personal information is collected other than an email address to be able to register. Your photos will not appear in a google search result because we explicitly prevent them from being indexed.


We take care of security. The registration and the utilization of our services is totally safe by using the latest security protocols (SSL/HTTPS).

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