How Attractive Am I?


Knowing your attractiveness scale is essential today to improve your profile on social networks or on dating apps. Photoeval is a photo rating app that will help you test your attractiveness by real users on a scale of 1 to 10.

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How It Works?

The photo rating process is very simple and will help you find your attractiveness scale very quickly!

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1. Upload A Profile Photo

Upload your best profile picture to start the rating. You will be able to choose the age, gender and country of the members who will rate your photos.

2. Members Will Rate Your Attractiveness

Users will rate your photos on a scale of 1 to 10. They will also have the possibility to leave you a written comment to help you improve your photos.

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3. View Your Results

Thousands of users will objectively rate your attractiveness. You will see in real time your attractiveness score and will be able to consult each rating left by our members.

Why Use Photoeval To Test Your Attractiveness?

Every day tens of thousands of profile pictures are rated by a very active user community.


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Main Features

Photoeval will help you evaluate your attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10.

Attractiveness Scale

Receive an evaluation of your attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10.

Human Feedback

Your attractiveness is evaluated by real users from a group of your choice.

View Comments

View the ratings and comments left by users on your profile photos.

Photo Rating

Help other users to improve their profile photos by letting a feedback and a rating.

Select Country

Filter on the country of users who will rate you.


The use of the website is completely anonymous. You can delete your photo at any time.

Still Have Questions?


How to run an attractiveness test?

Upload a photo of yourself and receive votes from other users. To receive votes faster, you must vote for other users. Those who vote the most move to the first positions in the queue.


What is the attractiveness scale?

The attractiveness scale gives you a score out of 10 for your level of beauty/prettiness, with 10 being the highest.


How is the attractiveness scale calculated?

The attractiveness scale is the average of the scores given by users in the demographic you have chosen (based on age, gender and country).


Is Photoeval's Attractiveness Scale based on AI?

No. We believe that the beauty or attractiveness of a person cannot be translated into mathematical formulas (golden ratios, etc.), therefore the ratings you receive are given by humans.


Is Photoeval free?

Yes, by rating other people's photos, you earn comments on yours. To get votes faster or to unlock premium features there is also a paid version.


Is the use of the site anonymous?

Yes, absolutely. You just need an email to register. You can delete your photo at any time.

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