What Is The Male Attractiveness Scale? Are there differences by age and country?

July 5 (last update: October 5), 2022 by Photoeval male attractiveness scale

Photoeval is an application that enables you to determine how attractive am I on a scale of 1 to 10. You upload a profile picture, then real users rate you. We analyzed the male attractiveness scale as well as female attractiveness scale by age and country based on more than 1 million votes over a one-year period. Here are the conclusions of the study.

1. What is the distribution of attractiveness levels for males compared to females?

The average attractiveness scale for women is 5.9/10, while the average attractiveness scale for males is 5.8/10. There is therefore little difference between the two genders. The main differences are in the distribution of scores. Only 12% of men have a score of 7 and above which corresponds to the "good looking" level. More than 30% of the women have a score of 7 and above. No man in our sample received a score of 9 or higher and only 0.2% of women received a score of 9.

2. How does age affect the scale of attractiveness?

The results seem very intuitive, whether for males or females, the level of attractiveness decreases with age. Men reach their peak attractiveness at the age of 23 (6.4/10) and 26 (6.3/10). Another interesting result is that a 33 year old man is on average as attractive as a 20 year old man. Men of 51 and more are perceived as the least attractive.

As for women, they reach their peak attractiveness at the age of 21 (7.1/10 on average). It should be noted that these results show average trends. A 40 year old woman may well have a higher score than a 21 year old girl.

To go further in the analysis, you can consult this very good article by Robinson Meyer which covers in great detail how age influences desirability on dating sites.

3. Which countries have the highest attractiveness scales?

We analyzed the users' ratings by country, keeping only the top 10 results. We notice that Russian women are rated as the most attractive with an average of 7.2/10. They are followed by French women, in second position and German women in third position. American girls are in 6th place with an average of 5.9.

For men, the Germans are in first position with an average of 6.3 followed by the Austrians and French. American men are in 11th position with an average attractiveness of 5.8/10

4. How women evaluate the attractiveness of males according to their age?

We looked at how women vote the attractiveness of men according to their age. As surprising as it may seem, women are equally picky regardless of their age. Indeed, women tend to vote men the same way, irrespective of their age. The group of women who gives the lowest attractiveness scores to men is the 36-39 group.

Women's age The rating they give on average
18-20 5.40
21-24 5.92
25-28 5.61
29-32 5.72
33-35 5.58
36-39 4.98
40-45 5.49
46-50 5.50
>50 6.14

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