Am I Pretty? Discover If You're Attractive (Complete Guide)

November 20, 2022 by Photoeval am i pretty

Have you been asking yourself that one question, "am I pretty?". Every woman has been there, and it's a question that gets thought about much more in our current social media-based society.

Far too often, we fill our lives with social media feeds packed with unnatural filters, glamorous models, and celebrities spending thousands on cosmetics daily. However, for the everyday, normal women, this can make us question our attractiveness.

But what if I told you that you might be prettier than you think? Maybe you're not unattractive and just need some validation from others. Let us help you discover this with the below post.

What does being pretty even mean?

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Before we can help you get feedback on your prettiness, you need to understand what pretty actually means.

Being pretty or physically attractive is the degree to which a person's bodily features are considered beautiful or aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The term often implies desirability and how appealing somebody is to another person.

Several factors determine how pretty somebody is, including physical aspects, personality, honesty, intelligence, etc. The most significant are physical aspects, as these tend to attract us to an individual, regardless of their other traits.

As humans and socially active individuals, the physical aspects of somebody we look at are their face and other bodily features (hair, hip-to-waist ratio, etc.). Though this is to help identify somebody, your brain can release dopamine and serotonin if you find them attractive.

Because of this, it makes a face and other bodily features an essential element of the question, "how pretty am I?". Luckily, there's one way to validate with an attractiveness score.

How does the attractiveness score help?

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If you genuinely want to know, "Am I attractive?" you need to understand the attractive score. The score is generated from an attractive scale, an application or filter that determines how beautiful somebody looks.

Because of modern-day technological advancements, there are many types of attractive scales. You have AI-controlled ones or platforms that give real-life rankings. Either will give you a score from one to ten, but the real-life ranking will provide a much more accurate result.

When you use an attractive scale application, you'll get a score based on many features. It doesn't matter if it's AI-controlled or human-control; you'll get results based on the following:

You'll get rated by these bodily features when you use an AI or human-based attractiveness scale. When you get your score, you'll get an answer to "How attractive am I."

Luckily, getting one has never been easier. Our platform Photoeval can help you get real attractiveness scores quickly.

How attractive am I? Discover with Photoeval

With our human-based attractiveness scale platform, we can help you obtain genuine ratings for your appearance. If you want to know the answer to "Am I pretty, " this is the number one online method.

Below, we'll guide you through a step-by-step process of getting attractive score rankings. In this example, we'll be using the following image:

how attractive am i

With this image, we'll upload it and determine whether this woman is considered "pretty" by real humans worldwide. Here's what you need to know:

1. Sign up

Firstly, you must sign up for an account at Photoeval. The sign-up process is simple, and we only require some details about you. These details include your gender, age, country, email, first name, and password. With this information, we can create an account for you, and you'll shortly be able to get some attractive ratings.

2. Upload a profile photo

After verifying the email and creating the account, you'll need to upload a good-quality profile photo. This is the photo that other users on the platform will be rating 1 - 10 on attractiveness. When you upload this photo, you'll also be able to choose the gender, age, and country of the members who can rate it. 

3. Wait for members to rate your attractiveness

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As these ratings are from real people, you'll need to wait until they see your photo. After uploading your photo, the votes will appear in real time. We recommend you to have at least 30 votes for reliable results. In the example we show below, the photo has obtained more than a hundred reviews from real people.

4. Review your results

attractiveness test

The uploaded photo scored 7.7 on the attractiveness scale and is in the top 6% of the best rated photos. Considering that the average female attractiveness scale is 5.9/10 if you score higher, then you are above average. Also to be noted that less than 1% of girls have an attractiveness score higher than 8 and less than 0.01% score higher than 9. If you get a rating above 8, you have the physique to become an Instagram model and if you get a rating above 9 you can become a professional model.


After reading the above, you should comprehensively understand the fundamentals of being pretty. With this information, it's possible to determine your overall attractiveness. 

However, it cannot be accessible without a second opinion. For this reason, we've introduced you to our platform Photoeval, a genuine, real-user attractiveness score application. 

This is your best solution if you want to know the real answer to "Am I Pretty?". With Photoeval, you get ratings from genuine people worldwide. Therefore, it should be able to validate whether you're considered pretty.

Curious about your attractiveness scale? Run an attractiveness test on Photoeval

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